Monday, September 28, 2009

My Homecoming King

This past weekend was Homecoming for Kahuku High School and Makana was Homecoming King. He had a lot of fun doing it.
He rode in on a convertible in his white tuxedo (friday night). Unfortunately the lights went out and the game was postponed. We came back on saturday for the game and lei presentations. I love you Kana, your the best son ever!!! The pictures are in the wrong order with Saturday first and then friday. Sorry!! too lazy to change it.

With the beautiful Homecoming Queen Pare Mahoni


kelly said...

he still looks cute on sat. and the picture of you two is so cute! the ones at PCC could seriously be wedding pictures! i was thinking it was probably kind of funny for him to have his special homecoming dinner - at work! good times! i will e-mail you some pictures.

Carrie said...

Makana looks so handsome and grown up! What a fun memory to have - - gorgeous photos. Miss you Nikki!

Anonymous said...


WOW! He has grown up into such a handsome young man! What a great honor for him. How neat! Glad I checked your blog! Hope all is well. I love and miss you!

Jerome and Lanea said...

Kana is soooo handsome! I thought I saw him at PCC when I visited in July, and I guess I did, I just didn't realize he was so tall and grown now!