Sunday, January 3, 2010

winter break in hawaii

While driving along the windward coast today Anela said, "Were so lucky we live in Hawaii". The ocean just looked so beautiful as we drove along side it. (yes, its always more beautiful on Sundays!) Tomorrow is the last day of winter break and then they are back at school. We have had a great time at the beach. Here are a few photos:

I LOVE this photo of Anela and Makana. Walking down the beach for a private surf lesson.

Stand up Nellie ...

YOU DID IT! (enlarge this one to click on her face, it's classic!)

Fun in the sun with big sister Amber. "SHe always takes me surfing!"

Hope this photos warm you all up!! Sending lots of sunshine your way!

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Debz said...

Definitely my kind of winter..your family is beautiful:)