Sunday, February 7, 2010

Early Valentines ...

Its ok that I don't get a physical gift for valentines. Today I got a gift from my kids that was even better! We were sitting around talking about what songs they used for their ringtones for certain people and Makana and Amber had both chosen the same song for me. Awwwwww .... It makes all the tough times worthwhile.
Its called Angel by Flipsyde.
Heres some lyrics:

Now you've been up and you've been down
Stayed strong even though daddy wasn't around
My momma through the thick and the thin beginning to end
And though I be sinning you keep me livin' with that love that you givin'
It's unconditional hey the sun shines when I see a smile on ya face
My momma with the money and jewels the record and tours
I'd give it away if I could make your days happy days
And when my hearts broke and can't cope I'm comin' on home
To remember the reason why I was born
Cuddle up inside your heavenly arms you help me weather the storm
You love music so I put it in song

She's an Angel workin' on God's train
She's an Angel workin' on me
She's an Angel workin' on God's train
She's an Angel workin' on me


darah. said...

Awwww, that's so cute Aunty Nikki! You have great kids, and I can tell that they love you so much. I hope they make Valentine's super special for you!

kelly said...

i am going to have to listen to that song. i am commenting even though you never comment on mine!:)

The Fatongia Family said...

that melted my's true are an incredibly strong woman and mother...happy valentines you...