Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sunday afternoons ....

This year we get out of church by 11am and so we have the whole day ahead of us still. The rule for Sunday is that whatever we do, we have to do it together. Lately, we have had some great sundays spending time together. This past sunday amber documented most of it so I thought I would share it with you. It was almost perfect (if only Jon were here).
It was a happy day. Warning way too many photos ahead ....
Just got home from church. Lets get lunch. Any helpers?
Amber trying to take a shot and be in it at the same time.

Me after church ...

I decided to make bread and find people to give it to. Heres me Teaching Yani how.

Nellie learning how to make bread. Shes a great helper.

Yani with our bread. Good job girl!

Nellie and Yani passing time playing cards.

Yani asked Amber to shape her eyebrows. Amber pretended she messed them up and almost made Yani cry. Luckily they could laugh about it.

Happiness ...

Ever read the story of the Little Red Hen? where the other animal doesnt help but wants to eat the bread ....
(notice how he just scoops it out with a spoon?)

Makana and his baby sisters. So cute ...

We cannot stay at home all day when we look out the window and see how beautiful it is outside. One of our favorite things to do on Sunday is to go to pounders around 4pm. We took the camera and some pumpkin pie. It was perfect.
Amber and Anela. How'd you both get so beautiful.

I love my girls. I could never have imagined how fulfilling it would feel to have them in my life.

Can't have a perfect day without our doggie, Mahina.

Makana and Amber. Siblings by birth .... friends by choice

Amber insisted on a few photos of me. She said she has to record her "mum" at every age.

Cartwheels .... Yes, the girls were shocked I could still do them.

I love dark chocolate!! (that's what we call Yani)

Pumpkin Pie at Pounders = PERFECT!!

Yanster ..... not too much whipped cream!

Of course, no day can be perfect without a quick visit with Jack.

We dropped off bread in Laie and took a quick drive around the temple. Can't wait till its open again. Every time we see it we sing:
"I love to see the temple. I'll go inside someday ...."

Sunday Sunset! Every day is a gift ....

Thats the end of our perfect sabbath SUnday. Hope you enjoyed! Come join us anytime .....


Smith family said...

You are BEAUTIFUL...You look so tone...and tiny!!! I loved reading about your sabbath day.

I love the way you see life...I love the way Amber sees life through her photos. I feel Jon in every picture.

I love how much LOVE is in your family:)

Forever and ever and ever...

kelly said...

that is a great post! you have beautiful girls and one handsome son!! i had fun with nellie yesterday!!

don't you love that holly is posting again, and commenting?!!

darah. said...

Aunty Nikki, your family is so beautiful and these pics are awesome! I can't believe how big everyone is getting and they are all so gorgeous! You look amazing as well! Love ya!

Carrie said...

Love the sabbath day tradition of being together. You are a great mom!

Bear said...

um...thanks...I have to go to a ward humanitarian thing tonight with a tear stained face. How I miss you all.
I love all the pictures and can't believe how gorgeous your family gets every day.
You are still in my frequent thoughts and I can't wait to reunite and give hugs!
Love you guys!