Sunday, March 28, 2010

Anelas baptism day!

This is one of those posts that have way too many photos. But we had such a special, jammed packed day! The most amazing part was Anelas baptism. We were so excited and happy for her. It was one of those new "Stake" baptisms where they do all the kids in the stake once a month. Were weren't sure how it was going to be but I must say that it was very convenient to just show up and not have to plan anything (i did give a talk on the holy ghost by that was fine).

Here she is right before we went inside the chapel
Anela Herenui Roimata Mozo

with her brother Makana'akua Keao Mozo

I am so proud of you Makana for being able to baptize Anela. I know it took some sacrifice and changes. Ones that you will never regret! You can always say, I baptized my sister!!!
(he said he felt the spirit really strong right before he gave the baptism prayer. I know his dad was there beside him too).
This photo was accidently over-exposed but I like the way it turned out. This is the first photo right after she got baptized. It reminds me of Heaven. She really looks like an Anela (Angel).
Thank you to Aunty Kelly Bishop for the special towel.
Group photo of some of the people that came to see her get baptized.
Families are Forever ...
Anela with her friend Kaile Krebbs

After the baptism we all came back to the house for a big lunch. It was delicious!
Amber and Caleb Bishop. Brother & Sista ...
The Runnels, Rivers, Fatongia Family. Thank you for always being there to love and support us
Kyra & Yani. Growing up way too fast.
This is Sayaka. Makanas girlfriend. She is a sweetie ....
jack & Ber ...
My dear friend and Sister, Sas Runnels.
After we ate, we all headed down to the beach for sun and surf. We just went to Castles @ Malaekahana which is not the best "surfing" waves but everyone had so much fun! It was just good to be together.
Yani .... and Kyra having fun!
Amber and Jack. Small waves but fun times ....
After we got home from the beach we fed the missionaries and then we relaxed and slept. What a day!! Thank you to everyone who came to share the day with us. We love you all. Jon we missed your physical presence with us today but somehow I know you were there. Where else would you be on such a special day when our baby got baptized! Im so grateful for the gospel in our lives and the knowledge of eternal families. Anela, this is just the beginning of a beautiful adventure and we all love you so very much.


darah. said...

Congrats on your baby getting baptized! I can't believe Anela is getting so big. I love all the pictures of everyone and it looks like such a special and wonderful day for you. Also, that's so neat that Kana was able to baptize her and I know Jon was definitely there!

kelly said...

even though it was a little crazy it was a beautiful day. i had tears in my eyes when i saw kana step into that water! jon was there with both of them!
i have to get my post up!!

By Holly said...

I am so proud of kana...and little nelly...oh I wish I could've been there.
I can almost feel Jon shining down on you in the pictures....of course he was there.
Beautiful...beautiful post!

The Fatongia Family said...

it was a beautiful baptism and i too was so proud of both nellie and kana! and i am LOVING the photo of you and your little angel.
i'm so glad we made the trip out...we had such a wonderful day spending time with you guys...the food was yummy and chalei had such a blast at the beach! xoxo...