Thursday, June 26, 2008

Goodbye Lamar ... We'll see you in the Morning

Yesterday my friend Lamar passed away unexpectedly.  Lamar is the husband of my dear friend Yasmin.  Yasmin has always been there for me, and I am having such a hard time being here in Hawaii while she is suffering through this loss in Utah.  When Jon died Yasmin and I were neighbors, and she came over about 5 times a day.  Her visits kept me going through life and through my grief.  Yasmin, I love you and my heart breaks for you.  Lamar was an amazing man.  He did not like to socialize like his wife so you would not see him at parties or ward activities.  Fortunately for me, I got a few moments along the way to have some one on one time with Lamar.  
The last time I saw Lamar he stopped by our new house to talk.  He had his boots on and they were muddy as he was always dirty from working so hard outside, so he would not come in.  He just wanted to talk out a few of his ideas and worries and I was the lucky ears that day.  Thank you Lamar for that gift of your trust.  Everytime he spoke he talked about how amazing and competent his wife is, and how he is in awe of everything she is able to do.  I tried to tell him how amazing he is too, but he is one of those humble souls who could never quite see himself that way, he would see his imperfections.  I know our Heavenly Father sees his heart and that it is good and full of charity.  There are many stories of times when Lamar has been there for me.  One night about a year ago my dog had climbed on the roof of my house and slid off.  Lamar was my neighbor at the time.  I called for him and he came.  He helped me get our doggie into his van and drove me to the vet.  I was so afraid because the dog wasn't really mine yet. I had him only 5 days on a trial basis and I was so afraid to call the dogs owner and tell him what happened.  Lamar comforted me through all of this when no one else was there.  His words to me soothed me and his concern for me, calmed me.   Other times when a fence was down or a toilet wasn't working or a tire was flat, we would call Lamar and he would always come for me ... happy to help.  Im trying to get my head around the idea that he is now in the Heavens.  I know for sure that he will miss being with his amazing wife and children and that they will have a big hole in their lives now that will not be filled until they are all together again.  Yet peace comes to us through our knowledge of the Plan of Salvation and through our Savior Jesus Christ.  As it reads in the Book of Mormon, "But there is a resurrection, therefore the grave hath no victory, and the sting of death is swallowed up in Christ".  Thank you Lamar for teaching me how to be more like my Savior.  I know when that resurrection comes,  I will see you in the morning .............   


Kelly B said...

What a beautiful tribute. We are keeping Yasmin and her family in our prayers. Love you.

Ema said...

Dear Nikki,
Thanks for allowing us to see into Lamar's life. I know he and Jon must be together right now praying for the peace and safety of their beautiful families.
My prayers are with you as you travel to be with your sweet friend. Please send her my love and let her know our prayers are with her.
Love always, ema