Wednesday, June 4, 2008

All I really needed to know I learned in Kindergarten

Congratulations to my Baby ....

Yesterday Anela "graduated" from Kindergarten.  Here in the USA its a BIG deal.  I had to get balloons and candy and Anela even scored a few $$. Friends and family travelled from afar to come and see.   During the ceremony her teachers said that she is an outstanding student, that learning comes easy to her, and that she is a great helper in the classroom.  They also said that she is very artistic.  A trait she got from her father, not me.  The funny thing is, Anela didn't want to graduate.  When she woke up yesterday morning, this is what went down:
 Me: "YAY, its graduation day".  
Anela: "I have a doctors appointment."
Me: "Oh really, well if you go to the doctor you have to get shots.
And if you miss graduation you have to do Kindergarten all over again."  (Lies of course).
Anela:  "But I like Kindergarten."  
I had to smile and think for a minute.  What makes a 6 year old not want to graduate and move up in the world.  Does she somehow know that it only gets harder from here.  Does she know that more responsibility is looming around the corner.  If it was up to me, we would have both stayed in bed all day and avoided the whole "growing up" thing.  You know what they say anyway,
"All I really needed to know I learned in Kindergarten."   
Im proud of you sweetie!  Dont grow up to fast!

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Debz said...

Hey Nik...your blog is awesome....your baby is so cute...awwwhh graduation..they grow to fast..I have a blog now too so hook me up to yours ok...its
take care and much love...Deborah