Monday, June 2, 2008

Just like a best friend ..........

I think every woman must have an article of clothing like my Black skirt.  Its like your best friend, always there for you when nothing else is working out.  Well, today I think my black skirt has seen its last day.  It could have lasted another 10 years  (yes that is how long I have had it).  But, one of my delightful children had gum in their pockets when they threw their clothes in the washer.  When I opened the dryer to get out my crisp clean clothes, they suprisingly smelled minty.  Strangely, my black skirt was the only article of clothing that was attacked by the gum.  I wonder, was it just meant to be?  Maybe it was its time.  Yet, I am having a really hard time saying goodbye to something that has been there for me for so long and did its best every time to make me look good.  So, if any of you know miraculous ways of getting gum out of things, please share.  I'll hold on to it just a little longer  ...........   just in case.   

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