Saturday, June 28, 2008

I love to see the temple ... Im going there someday ...

This afternoon was very special.  I got to go to the temple with my friend Ema and her son Regan. Regan received his endowments tonight in preparation for his mission to Japan.   While sitting in the session I watched Ema watching her son experience the temple for the first time. It was such a beautiful sight.  Like a movie on a fast rewind setting, I saw all the days and nights that Ema had dedicated to noble young man.  All the days she cried with him and laughed with him, the serious conversations about life, and the fun times at the beach.  The days she made him do his homework and go to scouts, and getting him to do his chores right and finish his dinner!  Even the dreaded rule that she had; which was that he had to date two girls first before he could date that same girl again (oh mom!)  And tonight came the reward. He followed her to the steps of the temple and came inside.  What more could any mother want.  Em - I salute you!  You are amazing and my role model.  You have done a great job raising your children as a single parent.   
And just a few words about Regan.  I told him tonight of the joy I experienced watching him in the temple.  I tried to liken that joy to anything outside of the temple and came up lacking.  There is an indescribable emotion I experience when I see our youth in the temple. They are so valiant and strong.  I know there has been sacrifices to be worthy to be in the temple and to stand as a witness of Christ for two years.  In a world where everything is about me, me, me, and now, now, now, it is so wonderful to witness selflessness and pure love in the eyes of a young man who loves his Savior, and in the eyes of a mother who loves her son.
Thank you both for the privilege of being there with you tonight. The song we sing in Primary rings true.  I love to see the temple  ....  Im going there someday!


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Ema said...

Aloha Sweet Nikki,

Thank you for your heartfelt sentiments! I am so thankful that you went to the temple with us. I love you Nikki, and I am amazed at you and your heartwarming testimony, faith and example. You are truly beautiful inside and out.

I appreciate your kind words of support, but I must be honest in saying - I did not raise Reagan alone; Heavenly Father has sent me an abundance of help along the way. He sent me the Savior, friends like you, ward families and righteous leaders, loving neighbors and family, and the devoted love of his elder siblings to help raise him.

Reagan is a testimony of righteousness to all of us who love him. He is a sweet young man absent of guile. It is an honer for me to be his mom just like it is an honor for me to be your friend.

With much love and admiration, Ema