Friday, July 11, 2008

Goodbye Lamar (part II)

yasmin and her 2 girls, kristen and anela
8 pallbearers - lamars sons, grandsons and brother
anela and kristen saying goodbye ....
Nathan.... heavy heart.

Here a just a few photos of our experience on Saturday at Lamars funeral. It was a beautiful tribute to him, but also one of the most difficult days I have ever experienced. It is one thing to go through grief yourself, but to see it unfold in the lives of people you love is so painful.
I watched the kids go through this grief and couldn't help but ask, "Why do such young people have to go through such big and hard things?" I know there are many answers to this question depending on who you ask, but at this point, none of them seem good enough. One thing that I know for sure; Kristen, Nate, Anela, Spencer and Dylan, you are strong, valiant and noble and I am so proud of you... I'll love you forever.

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kelly said...

that is really nice, i know some people think it's weird taking pictures at a funeral but for those of us who can't be there it is a piece of that day that we can see. and i know how you feel watching a good friend go through that, not easy.
love you and yasmin,