Monday, January 26, 2009

Ryan Jungs Homecoming

Yesterday I woke up before 6am on my mission to make it all the way to Mililani ward by 8:30am. I was so proud of myself for making it with 15 minutes to spare. I usually cant make it to my own ward up the road on time! I just wanted to share a photo from yesterday. It was so wonderful to witness Ryans return from his mission. He served diligently and faithfully. I felt nostalgic yesterday as I thought about the special moments and times spent in Mililani. Jon served as Ryans deacon leader and I thought of Jon and the time he had spent with Ryan. I thought that perhaps Jon would get a chance to peek in on him yesterday and smile and say "well done". There is such a special spirit when our youth make right choices. I felt it again last night as I sat on my couch talking to Isaac. I was sharing my heart with him and some of my struggles, and I felt the spirit touch me as he shared words of encouragement with me. Thanks to you too Ema for being there for me last night and for loving me unconditionally. I feel strengthened this morning. Thank you Ryan and Isaac for your good examples to me. Im on my way back ....


kelly said...

i stole your picture. it was fun to have you at our ward, feels like home doesn't it?

Kahana & U'i said...

hey nikki!
i think its time for an update :)
i have a blog now, yay! so come on over :) love you!

~ U'i