Friday, March 13, 2009

A tribute to my Grandad ... From Nikki ...

Two nights ago my Grandad died. He is the only grandad that I have ever know. He was old and had been in the hospital for 7 weeks. I just want to mention how amazing he was. He was not a member of the church and smoked until recent years. As a child I always remember him smoking a pipe. He served in the 2nd world war. He lost his first wife right after the war and they had a young son. My Nana had lost her husband (he was 24) and my mum was only 3 years old, so the two were paired up together. They decided to leave England and start a new adventure together in New Zealand. My Grandad was a good father to my mum. He treated her like his own daughter and we were his grandchildren. I can say in all honesty that I do not have one single negative memory of him. All my memories of him include him smiling his big smile, and laughing and making jokes. Im sure Jon is enjoying showing him around up there and will preach him the gospel. Grandad gets to see his young bride. That must be strange after 60 years with someone else. I wonder? Plus he gets to meet my Nanas first husband. Even though he was old, its still hard to realize he is not sitting in his rocking chair at home anymore or working in his garden. He was great with Roses. He will love the flowers in heaven. Thank you grandad for loving me all these years. I will miss you. If I get my scanner working I will try to post a photo of him.

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