Monday, March 30, 2009

Makana going to Prom ...

So, Kana went off to his first Prom. I just wanted to post a few photos. He said he had fun and that he was nervous. He took a friend of his good friend. She does not go to his school. A bunch of friends got a limo together. He's not wearing Tux pants because they were 5 inches too long. He decided to wear his vans for shoes but whatever, he was comfortable and looked very handsome!


kelly said...

i like the background and the handsome boy! little troublemaker:}

Kahana & U'i said...

oh my goodness, PROM! i remember the days. he looks so good, and his date looks cute :) Glad he had a good time! When can we come over and hang out again? maybe i SHOULDNT bring my babies this time

konrad said...

So handsome Makana is!! Congratz on ur very first prom!
Nikki, Im so glad i found ur blog!!!We should get together sometime.
Much love,