Sunday, May 9, 2010

My May Day Queen

Thursday May 6th was Kahuku Elementary Schools May Day Program at BYU Canon Activities Center. Ariana was the May Day Queen. The Queen is voted in by their peers. It was very fun and exciting for her. We had to have a white dress made and she had to learn to dance a hula, and a solo. While watching her dance, I felt Jon's presence really strong, wanting to tell her how much he loves her. She dedicated her song to him. It was very touching, she did a very good job. We are so proud of her and love that she is a part of our family. She's so fun and brings our family much humor and joy. I already posted these photos on facebook, but Im reposting here for my anti-facebook friends. Plus, its nice to showoff some more. LOVE you Yani girl!!

Before everything started, she doesn't look nervous to me?

Walking in with King Kesi

Crowning the Queen

Dancing with her King.

Ariana dancing her solo. She did a really good job. I would have been so scared!!!

Celebrating with her friends

Yani with her best friends Lia and Amie

Queen Ariana and King Kesi

Yani, I LOVE your smile!!

Mama and her Queen


kelly said...

as an anti facebook friend i appreciate your blog posts! she was amazing! i am going to post on mine too!

By Holly said...

What a special, thumbtack moment in her life. I hope she never forgets how loved, beautiful and glorious she felt that day.
I still remember her as little Yanni.
Give her the biggest hug ever from her aunty Holly!

As for you my dear...
You look amazing!

The Fatongia Family said...

i saw the photo's on facebook and she is BEAUTIFUL! what an exciting moment in her life! i wish i had known...i would have loved to come out! hope life is treating you nicely...i think it's time for another dinner ;-) miss you guys!

darah. said...

Wow Aunty, she looks so grown up and so beautiful as the queen. She definitely deserved that title! She looks so much like both you and Jon!