Saturday, June 12, 2010

Major Update for the month of MAY!!

A few days ago I found myself disappointed when I checked my friends blogs and no one had updated. No new news to read about .... how rude I thought! Then I realized that I was not doing my part in the circle of blogging friends. So here is an update on the past month of my life. May was a very full and fun (and slightly stressful) month. I finished up my classes in early May, then this is what came next .....


In the past few years, this has been a very tough day for me. Husbands play a big part in it. But this year my girls were so thoughtful. I got up, and when I came back to my room I found these notes on my bed. Each child had written something they were thankful for and such sweet love notes.
And I got a beautiful photo of my kids taken by Mark Lee
I hadn't seen this photo before so it was a nice surprise and they look so gorgeous and grown up (sniff, sniff)
Another love note with from my beautiful girls
Then I was handed this cute little jar with strips of paper inside
this is what I found when I opened them up

they really made me smile. Such a great idea. A simple (and free) gift but I loved it.
Heres what some of the papers said:
-I love when we sing in the car
-I love when I break things and you dont get mad
-I love you because you take me shopping
-I love that you let me have a bebz(boy-that ones from yani). (although I never recalled allowing that).
-i love your smile
-i love when we spend time together
-i love you because your so thoughtful
-i love when you make me mochi
-i love you because you give me good advice
-i love when you laugh so hard you cry
-i love when you take us places like the mall
-i love you because you take me to the beach
-i love the big booty i get from you
-i love your unique parenting ways
-i love you because you drive me places
-i love late night chats
-i love you because you support me in my Hawaiian
-i love eating ice cream with you (must be my children!)

A card I got from Amber
Another photo that I LOVE!!!
Breakfast crepes with strawberries, bananas, chocolate, ice cream, whipped cream, syrup.
What could be better?
The boy on the right of the counter is Matthew Manois. Makana brought him home at around this time and he has been living with us ever since.

So, there was my wonderful mothers day in a nutshell. I am SOOOO very thankful to be a mother to my four amazing children (and a few extras).

ANELAs MAY DAY .... May 13th

On the heels of Arianas Grandeous (is that a word) May Day event, we had Anelas ( a week later). It was soooo much simpler and smaller and felt like the way May day should be. The costumes were simple and cute. Not a lot of money was spent (unlike the week prior from which I had to mortgage a house almost). Anelas was a rock for May Day. They sang a song about going fishing and not taking more than you need. It was toooo cute and a great message we ALL need.
Then they did the Ha'a. It is like the Haka but the Hawaiian version.

We heard many Michael Jackson songs. A tribute to him. Heal the world .......
This is the 6th graders. They represented the different islands. There was no King or Queen.
Anela with her classmate Makani Walker
(isnt he tooo cute!!)
Anela with Aunty Kim. Not the Hawaiian kine Aunty but a real Aunty. Did I forget to mention CARLOS GOT MARRIED ON MAY 5TH!!!!!!!
It was a very cute and fun day. Good job Anela!!!

May 20, 2010

I'm not even going to tell you all the drama that happened the week of graduation because you will think that I have been watching way too much soap operas. Suffice it to say, the week of graduation, Kana was not graduating/walking for 3 different reasons. Just a few hours before graduation he called the Superintendent of Schools and pleaded his case. As the following photos show, yes he walked. I think he had the biggest smile there because it almost didn't happen and he said he must have appreciated graduating/walking more than anyone in his class since it almost didn't happen.

Introducing ...
held at BYU Canon Activities Center
The class (i think less than 300)

Makana held up a sign during the fun song. Ms Mac is the Vice Principal who helped him by telling him to call the Superintendent (therefore allowing him to walk) so he felt she deserved recognition. saya of course is his girlfriend. Yes, I did all the work for 12 years, ya think I would get any credit? jk.
This was when they called his name

Eh. this is Hawaii. We dont just shake hands!

kana with his sisters and mama
(his sign was made very last minute since we had only a few hours notice)
with Lola (grandma -jons mom)
The three amigos - friends since 7th grade
Makana and Matt Manois (who lives with us)

May 27th, 2010


It was a happy day but to be completely honest, I had some tears in my eyes. How did this happen so fast? This is the school we put the kids in when we moved from Mililani more than 5 years ago. Yani is the last one here (anela at Hauula Hawaiian Immersion) so we were saying goodbye to the teachers and the school too. Were lucky to have many special memories here.
Onward and upward!!

Her graduating class
Hugs and thanks to the teachers
million dollar smile
They sang a medley of Michael Jackson songs .... fun, fun, fun
With her besties Lila kaka and Aimee Sorensen

Hugs from Amber
Lola (Jons mom)
Long time friend Samuta
me, yani, Jasmin and mom (YW president)
The current crush .... Keala Santiago
So friends, do you see why I have not had time to blog. I hope you appreciate the sacrifice of my saturday so I could get all these photos out to you. We wish you were here with us to be a part of all of this but I guess this is the next best thing. We love you and think of you all often.
A Hui hou .... till next time.


kelly said...

time just flies whether we want it to or not!! they grow up and go on to bigger and sometimes better things but i don't like it any more than you do!!
(not that you comment on my blog!)

wil.sarah.chalei said...

WOW! that was sure a MAJOR update! i'm so glad that your mother's day was sweet this year...simple, thoughtful gifts from your kids must make all the stressful times feel worth while.

we were also so happy that kana boy was able to walk...he looked sooo happy that night and we were glad we could come out and share in the joy! they are growing sooo quickly and it makes me feel OLD! *tear*

Holly said...

Thank you for your post! It makes my day to read about your days:)
Just a side note: I believe with all of my heart, that you are a mother to many...that up in heaven you said...give me all of your troubled, lonely or needy and I will mother them!
How many mothers open their doors and welcome those in need to stay with you?

You amaze and inspire me. I love your gift:)

darah. said...

Aunty Nikki, the kids are getting soooo big and even more beautiful. I can't believe Kana is done with school and Yanni is going to 7th grade. You have wonderful children! They have a great and gorgeous example to follow:-)

Lani said...

MAJOR is right! Wow! Such a great looking family.

Carrie said...

Love the post, it makes me miss our island traditions. You are a busy woman!